SSI/MSME registration

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SSI/MSME registration


Registration under Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise Act (MSME)

“SSI” means Small Scale Industries this name has been changed to “MSME” meaning Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises. Based on the investment range the business will be categorised as Micro, or Small or Medium Enterprise in both manufacturing and service sectors.

Enterprises are classified broadly into:

Enterprises engaged in the manufacture/production of goods pertaining to any industry

Enterprises engaged in
providing/rendering of services
Investment in plant & Machinery/equipment (excluding land & building)
Manufacturing Enterprises Service Enterprises
Micro Enterprises up to Rs.25 lakh up to Rs.10 lakh
Small Enterprises above Rs.25 lakh & up to Rs.5 Crore above Rs.10 lakh & up to Rs.2 Crore
Medium Enterprises Above Rs.5 Crore & up to Rs.10 Crore above Rs.2 Crore & up to Rs.5 Crore

Benifits available for MSME:

  • One percent rate exemption on Overdraft
  • Collateral free loans from banks with two percent concession on interest rate
  • Re-imbursement of ISO certificate expenses
  • Preference in procuring Government Tenders
  • Ease of availing various other business registrations
  • 15% Credit Linked Capital Subsidy Scheme on fully automatic machinery
  • Eligible for Industrial Promotional Subsidy
  • Exempted in stamp duty payment
  • Electricity duty exemption for 15 years
  • 50% subsidy for patent registration
  • Eligible for capital subsidy

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