Shops and Establishments

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Shops and Establishments

Shops and Establishments

The Karnataka Shops & Commercial Establishment Act, 1961 has been enforced from 01-03-1962 in the State of Karnataka. This Act provides the rules and regulations to work and employment in Shops and Commercial establishments in all over Karnataka. To enforce this act labour commissioner will be the “Chief Inspector”. It is notified that Inspector/Senior Inspector as “Inspector” and all department level authorities as “Additional Inspector” As per the Act Shop means “ Shop means any premises where any trade or business is carried on or where the services are rendered and includes offices, store rooms, go-downs, warehouses, whether in the same premises or otherwise, used in such connection with such trade or business, but doesn’t include a commercial establishment or a shop attached to a factory. Whereas Commercial Establishment means a commercial or trading or banking or insurance establishment, an establishment or administrative service in which persons employed are mainly engaged in office work, a hotel, restaurant, boarding or eating house, a café or any other refreshment house, a theatre or any other place of public amusement or entertainment. The above mentioned shops and commercial establishments should get Shops and Commercial establishments registration and should comply with the provisions of the Act in order to avoid penalty and along with this need to maintain labour register mandatorily. Shops & Establishment Registration is Valid only for 5 years.

Documents required for Shops and Commercial Establishments Registration:

  • ID Proof and Residential address proof of Directors/ Partner/Proprietor
  • Rental Agreement of Business
  • PAN copy of the Company / LLP / firm / Proprietor
  • Certificate of incorporation, Memorandum of Association and Articles of association of company / Partnership Deed /LLP Agreement
  • Authorisation letter
  • Board resolution in case of Companies
  • List of Employees (including male and female)
  • Child labour Declaration & Specimen Signatures

Registration of the Organisation and its Obligation:

  • Each owner, within 30 days from starting the business shall submit application form in form ‘A’ to register his establishment.
  • Registration certificate must be displayed on visible place inside the office premises.
  • Registration certificate is valid for ‘5’ years period. Before the expiry of the period, renewal application to be submitted for the next period.
  • It shall be the duty of an employer to notify to the registration authority, in the prescribed form, any change with respect to any information contained in his statement during registration/renewal within 15 days after the change. Ex. Change in address, change in ownership, change in number of employee etc.
  • After closing the business of his establishment, should surrender the registration certificate to the registration authority.

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